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Investment Style

By working with a fee based advisor it creates a direct working relationship where the advisor has your best interest in mind.   We are able to utilize investments that fit the client rather than the other way around.  We can focus on a Client's financial needs and goals as well as their risk tolerance and customize a plan for them.

Below is a link that provides a unique perspective on Mutual Funds performance over a period of time. By taking an active management approach, we are able to utilize a variety of funds to improve upon long term performance.

With having a plan in place it allows us to take emotions out of the picture. In doing so, we are able to make better decisions on facts rather than emotions. Below is an exercise that is not about being right or wrong but more of a journey about self discovery and empowering us to make more informed decisions.

When looking at the last 93 years of stock market ups and downs, we want you to make a guess based on the 4 categories as to how many years would fall into each category.

**For the answers, please send us an e-mail at or use the Contact button on the top of our webpage and send us your best guesses and we will be in touch with you.