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Million Dollar Investment Strategy

We all know the younger you start investing the better off you are. This strategy does just that! Using the historical average of the stock market since 1934 of 10.6% along with annual investments based on your age and financial goals, we can develop a powerful accumulation tool. Partner that with a tax-free investment account and now you have a robust wealth accumulation strategy.

Below are a couple of case studies that compare starting to save at different ages and using a 10% historic S & P 500 return. It looks at someone who starts saving early in life – which takes far less investment to reach the attainable goal.  In contrast, for someone who has not saved as much or is closer to retirement there still is a solution to get to the goal, but it may take more dollars to be invested or principal outlay.  Remember everyone’s goals are different, so we look at each client on an individual basis to develop a solution that is right for them.

So, as the case studies show, there are many ways to get to your financial goal.  Every client is different, and we can use the tools and strategies mentioned above to provide you with a solution that works.

Check out the link below to see how compounding can work in your favor.